[Snort-users] 2.1.3rc1 Performance

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Wed May 19 09:46:11 EDT 2004

Heh.... And here I am running on a Sun Ultra-2, with dual processors, qfe 
card,  and 1GB of Ram.  I thought snort was keeping up, but apparently 
just barely.  The maximum throughput i am seeing is about 5.5Mbps and 3k 

Gary Portnoy

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05/19/2004 12:31 PM

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        Subject:        RE: [Snort-users] 2.1.3rc1 Performance

FWIW, I've tested 2.1.3 (latest from cvs) on a link pushing about 40k
packets per second (400Mbps).   No dropped packets.   Machine is a
@$2500 machine with built in gig interfaces. 

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