[Snort-users] Code modification/s

Matt Kettler mkettler at ...4108...
Wed May 19 08:01:02 EDT 2004

At 06:41 PM 5/18/2004, Arpan Acharya wrote:
>I am a newbie at snort and wanted to install snort on a RAMIX card. What 
>modification/s need to be done to install snort in the memory on the card. 
>Which part of the code deals with the installation?

There's no part of the "code" that deals with installation, just the 
makefile's "install:" section.

However, you can just as easily manually copy the files to whereever they 
need to go. Since I chroot my copy of snort, this is how I do my 
installation anyway.

>Has anyone done this before?

I've never heard of RAMIX until today. However they make a wide variety of 
products, most of which just look like an ordinary PC but in embedded or 
blade form-factor to me. However, to snort, this is all irrelevant. A 
filesystem is a filesystem, no matter what computer hardware it runs on.

Why do you need a customized installation?

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