[Snort-users] Error starting stunnel

Maetzky, Steffen (Extern) Steffen.Maetzky at ...11508...
Tue May 18 04:47:04 EDT 2004


I'm trying to setup an stunnel between barnyard and mysql or mudpit and
I've created the certs and using the stunnel.conf's which I have found
during that list but if I start stunnel with:
stunnel /etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf on server and client I get the following
error (reported from client):

Error binding 3307 to
Bind: Adress already in use (98)

Does anyone know what's going wrong and can help me to correct it?

Here are the confs:

Stunnel.conf from the database server: 
cert = /etc/stunnel/mysql.pem 
pid = 
client = no 
CAfile = /etc/stunnel/cmysql.cert  
verify = 3 
accept = 3307 
connect = 3306 

Stunnel.conf from the remote sensors: 
pid = 
foreground = yes 
cert = /etc/stunnel/cmysql.pem 
CAfile = /etc/stunnel/mysql.cert 
verify = 3 
client = yes 
accept = 3306 
connect = ip.ofthe.database.server:3307 


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