[Snort-users] About virus.rules

etienne.causse at ...11813... etienne.causse at ...11813...
Mon May 17 00:42:02 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I'm currently working on a Snort deployment project in my company, and I am
wondering about rules which allow to see virus signatures.
In my rule set (downloaded from snort.org) I see :
"# NOTE: These rules are NOT being actively maintained.
# These rules are going away.  We don't care about virus rules anymore."

Although, I see that there are more rules than the only one listed in this
file on snort.org.

So my question is quite simple : why is there no support for virus rules
any more ?
I have added some of the rules I found which allowed me to find some
signatures of Sasser worm in my network. And I think it could be very cool
to use Snort for monitoring worm propagation, as it could allow me to see
the infected hosts quickly.

Thanks for your answers.


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