[Snort-users] Administrativia: No advertising please

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Fri May 14 21:08:01 EDT 2004

I was bored, so I thought I'd just add something into this whole fire.

A wise man once said:  "You taught me that not everything is stupid.
Some things are gay."

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On May 14, 2004, at 7:08 PM, M. Jamil wrote:

> I don't really see a need for such a spectacle, nor a long winded rant

> from Martin Roesch on the matter.

If you've ever seen one of my rants then you'll know that what I posted 
was nowhere near a rant.  People were questioning whether vendors 
needed to adhere to the rules for etiquette that we've had for this 
list for years and I just wanted to assure them that they did in no 
uncertain terms.

> There isn't really a need for all of you to jump down the sales lady's

> throat for an accidental CC that she apologized for. On a side note, 
> I've taken a look at what they are doing over there and it all looks 
> pretty cool..  I might even consider it over Sourcefire and their 
> overpriced appliances.

Be my guest.  I wasn't assessing the value of their solution, just 
pointing out that we don't like vendors advertising around here after 
Mr. Hines indicated that he thought that people should expect to be 
marketed to if they post to this list.

> p.s.
> If Martin Roesch and the others are so upset about the accidental CC 
> of the sales email, why don't you configure your list software to 
> disallow CCs or start moderating?

We've thought about it from time to time and decided to let the list 
police itself due to the time constraints that most of the people who 
admin the Snort project are under.  The accidental CC wasn't what got 
me to post, that happens from time to time and I don't care all that 
much.  It *does* bother me when people say we should expect to see 
these sorts of thing because "it's the way the game is played", and 
that's what got me to respond.


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