[Snort-users] Administrativia: No advertising please

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Fri May 14 16:11:13 EDT 2004

I don't really see a need for such a spectacle, nor a long winded rant from 
Martin Roesch on the matter.   There isn't really a need for all of you to 
jump down the sales lady's throat for an accidental CC that she apologized 
for. On a side note, I've taken a look at what they are doing over there and 
it all looks pretty cool..  I might even consider it over Sourcefire and 
their overpriced appliances.

Frank Knobbe, you coffee-shop revolutionary, stop feeding your ego trying to 
be a man by talking down to others behind a computer screen.

If Martin Roesch and the others are so upset about the accidental CC of the 
sales email, why don't you configure your list software to disallow CCs or 
start moderating?


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On May 14, 2004, at 12:44 AM, Eric Hines wrote:

>Come on guys, it's a part of the game.

Not here it isn't.  Snort users don't want to "play the game" and
there's no reason they should have to, if we're playing a game on this
mailing list I'm the guy making the rules and you're going to play by
them or you're going to lose your access to this list.  If you want to
do marketing, do it on your own nickel, this is not an opt-in list for
whatever spamvertising you care to fire at people, and that goes for
all the other vendors on this list.

I and the rest of the Sourcefire team could have been posting replies
to most every message on this list expounding upon the wonders of our
products and technologies for the last three and a half years, we don't
do that because it detracts from the level of discussion and turns this
into a forum that's less useful for solving the day to day problems of
Snort users than what we have today.  I don't answer questions citing
Sourcefire solutions unless people are specifically asking about them,
I expect the same of all the other vendors here as well.

Can you imagine how bad this list would be if we had every commercial
organization that's sell Snort or services around Snort blasting this
list continuously with ads about whatever it is they're doing?  If that
were to happen we may as well close down the list and be done with it,
the value of this forum would quickly go to zero.

>I understood that these people had bills to pay, these sales people, most 
>of them at least, didn't make base salaries and lived off commission, who 
>was I to discourage them
>ranting back and asking how they got my contact information; frankly, who 

People on this list care, this list is not here as an advertising
services for companies to do prospecting, if we were doing that then
the owners of this list would be selling access to the member list and
we're not doing that.  Guys with quotas have marketing departments to
help them sell, it's not the responsibility of the people of this list
to validate your business model.

>In short, businesses have a product to sell.

This is the same excuse that spammers use, that's not acceptable for
this forum.

Once more, keep unsolicited advertising off this list and please don't
use it as a prospecting list either.  If people ask about your product
then you can feel free to answer, otherwise contribute to the community
or don't say anything.

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