[Snort-users] wireless patch

Steffen Pfendtner steffen at ...11809...
Fri May 14 09:40:07 EDT 2004


> Personally, I have added to Andrew's works a wifi-statetable process and 3 preprocessors using it:
>   - a deauth flood detection preprocessor,
>   - an authflood detection preprocessor,
>   - a MAC spoofing detection preprocessor.
> I have tested macspoof preprocessor with 3 wireless cards and one Access point. It works well.
> But it really needs to be tested in a realist wireless network.
> I was planing to finish another preprocessor which purpose was to decode WEP.
> For I'm really busy at the moment I had to delay it and I should start working on it again around end of june.
> By the time, if someone feel interesting in making some kind of testing and bug reports about works I have already
>  finished it would be nice and helpful.

Any plans to get this working on an linsys wrt54g?

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