[Snort-users] Administrativia: No advertising please

James Riden j.riden at ...11179...
Thu May 13 14:39:03 EDT 2004

"Andrew R. Baker" <andrewb at ...1935...> writes:

> Frank Knobbe wrote:
>> Could we please stop this blatant commercial advertisement in this list?
>> Otherwise there are a dozen or so MSSP's that could add their
>> advertisements too.
>> Let's keep this list commercial free please!
> As the principal list adminstrator I wish to maintain this list as
> commercial free as possible.  While I understand the occasional
> accidental "Reply All", if any subscriber repetively posts messages of
> a commercial nature then I will enable appropriate filters to require
> approval of all future postings.  I already filter out commercial
> posting from non-subscribed addresses.  I hope that all of the
> subscribers to thist list are adult enough to respect the desire to
> keep the list commercial free.  Complaints about postings to the list
> should be sent to snort-users-admin at ...314...

Does that include being written to off-list by certain venduhs?

"I see you have deployed, or are planning to deploy snort. Have you
considered our product?"

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