[Snort-users] new Barnyard new snortb

Michael Anderson mca at ...1717...
Wed May 12 12:40:11 EDT 2004

I am running snort 2.1.1 and barnyard 0.2.0.  I haven't tried snort 
2.1.2 yet but I'm assuming the configuration would be the same.  What 
type of problems are you having?


Chuck Holley wrote:

>I have been trying to get info on how to use the new barnyard with the new
>snort.  Has anyone done this successfully yet?  if so, how does it work and
>where do I go for some guidance on this.  Thanks 
>Chuck Holley
>LAN Administrator
>FitnessQuest Inc.
>Canton, OH
>cholley at ...11679...

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