[Snort-users] No alert detection on alert console

Naveen C Joshi naveen_joshi at ...11009...
Wed May 12 00:34:01 EDT 2004

Hi All :

I have installed Snort-2.1 and ACID-0.9.6 on my REDHAT 9.0 by using the
document "snort_enterprise.pdf" written by Steven J. Scott.

I have gone through as per steps mentioned on the document and everything is
working fine, but at my "alert console" there is no traffic/alert detection.
Even the TCP, UDP & ICMP traffic is also 0%.

I have explored on the database there is no event on the event tables and 1
sensor created on the sensor table.
I have installed one another snortcenter agent on other machine and
configured the sensor for it in management console. This sensor is also not
in my sensor table.

My sensor & snort daemon are running properly. The snort database user have
enough permission on the db.

Please suggest me how can I resolve this problem.

Best Regards


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