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Marc Norton marc.norton at ...1935...
Mon May 10 06:35:10 EDT 2004

max_queue_event determines how many alerts/events to queue per packet.
When packet processing is done, one or more of these is saved.  Snort
versions prior to 2.1.3 use this parameter and can log only one event
per packet.  Starting with version 2.1.3 the queue size and the number
of events per packet to log can be adjusted.   This has nothing to do
with dropping traffic, at least not directly.

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> Hi,
> Could anybody explain me the exact function from max_queue_events?
> I watched the sourcecode, but i'm not sure which need this parameter
> I'm
> not good in programming;)
> Can i tell snort, how big the queue for pakets(which will be checked)
> The
> default is 5, so if i increase this value, Snort would be slower but
> have packet loss? Right or not?
> Cheers Thomas
> used max_queue_event with:
> [snip snort.conf]
> config detection: max_queue_events 10
> [snap]
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