[Snort-users] Increase in nmap pings

Miner, Jonathan W jonathan.w.miner at ...11338...
Mon May 3 08:06:05 EDT 2004

Checking my logs for NMAP events, I concur with Michael's observations:

5/1 0005h (EST) - 5/2 0005h (EST): 2
5/2 0005h (EST) - 5/3 0005h (EST): 39
5/3 0005h (EST) - now: 2483

The bulk of the "ICMP PING NMAP" events started after 0117h (EST). Many
different sources and destinations.

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since 9:00 CEST (7:00 GMT) I see a massive increase in nmap pings SID

Some questions:

- - Anybody else seeing it?

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