[Snort-users] snort signatures

praveen kundurthi praveen_kundurthi at ...131...
Sat Jul 31 00:07:15 EDT 2004

We simulated the snort signatures by creating the TCP
packets, UDP packets, IP and ICMP..We were exactly
simulating the signature rules by using a traffic
generator which generates a particular TCP or UDP or
IP or ICMP packets..Then we are catching those packets
using Ethereal..Then we are modifying the packets
using a Hex editor to exactly simulate a signature

Here is a problem for me..I created a directory
packets which got sub-directories like TCP, UDP IP and
ICMP..I got the packets in the respective
directories..Our engine will read the packet as a
file, runs  and we got to give the SID of the packet
as the command line and our engine will generate an
alarm...How can I automate it..
I mean if I give UDP as the command line argument
engine should go through the directory and read all
the packets and generate alarms..same for TCP <IP and
ICMP..Can I get a code for that..


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