[Snort-users] Newbie needs help with SID countermeasure

Kevin Old kevinold at ...11827...
Fri Jul 30 20:26:06 EDT 2004

Hello everyone,

I'm still very new to Snort and have got it working with ACID.  I'm
trying to block offensive activity that is being logged by Snort.

I've got a few SID's 1288, 1852, 1013, 1012 that keep showing up in
ACID and I'm trying to figure out a way to block them or keep them
from showing up in ACID.

I've done everything the countermeasures say, but most just say to
make sure that packages are up to date.

I'm running RH 9.0, with Apache 1.3.31 and the latest mod_frontpage.

Any suggestions?

Kevin Old
kevinold at ...11827...

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