[Snort-users] Snort not logging alerts.

sekure sekure at ...11827...
Thu Jul 29 12:39:01 EDT 2004

You can't do it.  Not with TCP and not the way you are trying to.

The problem is that TCP is a stateful protocol, it needs to establish
a session before it can send data.  What that means is that something
has to be listening on port 80 in this case (http), for your browser
to establish the connection, BEFORE it can send the CodeRed exploit. 
Since nothing is, nothing happens...  If you are just doing this for
testing, you can download netcat and tell it to listen to port 80. 
That way you'll be able to establish a connection and send the

Otherwise you should look at some tools that can generate events
without needing to establish a session first.  Then you'll also have
to run snort WITHOUT the -z switch.

On Thu, 29 Jul 2004 12:11:40 -0700, Lyndon Tiu <ltiu at ...12200...> wrote:
> Hello,
> I found the problem, fixed it but found another problem.
> I found that if the host running Snort does not have a web server running,
> Snort will not bother loggin alerts.
> I need to find a way to tell Snort to log alerts anyways even if the host
> does not have a web server running.
> Perhaps you guys can help me by giving me a suggestion how to do this.
> Thanks.
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> Lyndon Tiu
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