[Snort-users] Help for dropping packet

bonnie buwono bond2nix at ...1396...
Sat Jul 24 23:32:05 EDT 2004

Hi guys, i need help for testing snort threshold capability for getting drop packet this is for my assignment from my lecture, any suggest what tools can i use to generate lot of package and cause traffic high so my snortbox get knockdown and outputing drop packet for statistic

i'm using these for my snortbox :

snort v 2.1.3

libpcap v0.8.3

acid + mysql

2 interface : eth0 : eth1:

$HOME_NET: 10.14.19.x

i have 5 pc client :

3 client at : 10.14.19.x

2 client at : 10.14.3.x

they all connected in one 3com HUB 

help, any suggestion ?

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