[Snort-users] Can't set up ACID - get a blank page

Merill Ronquillo mronquillo at ...11827...
Fri Jul 23 10:02:01 EDT 2004

I've set up snort+mysql+apache+php but am having trouble setting up
acid. When going to the ACID main page, all I get is a blank html with
only this source:


Here's a step-by-step for everything I did to set up snort...

Versions (using an updated ports tree):
- FreeBSD 5.2-p9
- acid-0.9.6b23
- adodb-4.50
- apache-1.3.31
- jpgraph-1.16
- mod_php4-4.3.8
- mysql-server-4.0.20
- phplot-4.4.6

1. make install for mod_php4 - there wasn't any option for the GD
Support Library, as mentioned in many howtos. It's set to use apache
2. make install for mysql40-server
3. make install for adodb
4. make install for phplot
5. make install for jpgraph
6. make -DWITH_MYSQL install for snort
7. make install for acid
8. edited httpd-conf - uncommented #ServerName www.fevertime.com (my
domain name), DocumentRoot and Directory set to /usr/local/www/acid
9. cp php-ini-recommended php.ini
10. cp my-large.cnf /etc/my.cnf
11. created a snortuser account, minus shell access
11. mysql_install_db; mysql-server.sh start - successful
12. # mysql -u root
13. mysql> set password for root at ...274...=PASSWORD('mypassword');
flush privileges;
14. mysql> create database snort;
15. mysql> grant insert,select,create,delete,update on snort.* to
snortuser at ...274... identified by 'mypassword'; flush privileges;
16. # mysql -p < /tmp/create_mysql snort - successful
17. edited snort.conf - added "output database: log, mysql,
user=snortuser password=mypassword dbname=snort host=localhost
18. mkdir /var/log/snort
19. chmod 644 acid_conf.php
20. edited acid_conf.php - $alert_dbname = "snort"; $alert_host =
"localhost"; $alert_port = ""; $alert_user = "snortuser";
$alert_password = "mypassword"; $ChartLib_path =
"/usr/local/share/jpgraph"; $DBLib_path = "/usr/local/share/adodb"
21. # apachectl start

Nooooooow, here's the weird part. I start by browser (firefox) and
open up http://localhost. I get a redirect to
http://localhost/acid_main.php. I get nothing but a blank page (it's
supposed to go to the ACID setup page with the Create ACID AG button).
As mentioned above, a view source gets me this:
I'm no php expert, but I created a test.php with only:
<? php phpinfo() ?>
and it opens up successfully, telling me apache is working with php.
Snort is also successfully logging to the db, but I don't think that's
where the problem is, anyway. There's gotta be something going on with
acid_main.php. For anyone who survived reading through this, any
ideas? TIA

- Merill

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