[Snort-users] Not seeing portscans with 2.2.0rc1

Bill Warren bwarren at ...12173...
Fri Jul 23 07:57:21 EDT 2004


I was given a box with Snort 2.0.0 and runs great!  My boss told me to 
put 2.2.X on it.  So, I installed 2.2.0 rc1with no problems.  I went 
into my snort.conf file and changed

"#preprocessor http_decode: 80 unicode iis_alt_unicode double_encode 
iis_flip_slash full_whitespace"


"preprocessor http_inspect: global iis_unicode_map unicode.map 1252" 

Snort will now start with not errors but, when I do a portscan nothing 
comes up in my log.  Any ideas?



Bill Warren
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