[Snort-users] No Activity Occurring on ACID

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Fri Jul 23 04:22:02 EDT 2004

When I run the select count (*) from event; command I get 0 which would appear
to indicate
the data is not being posted into the database. If that is the case, does that
mean there
is a permissions issue at work here, or something else?

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> Hi there --
> Snort is running on our system but there is no activity occurring on the
> ACID console. A check of the /var/log/snort/alert.log file indicated that
> alerts were being tracked by the program. What settings do I need to
> reconfigure to resolve this probem? Thanks.
What happens when you login as root to mysql and type:

> use snort; # this assumes snort is the name of the db
> select count(*) from event;

Do you get a number back?

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