[Snort-users] Setting Home net with a router

attechni attechni at ...10561...
Thu Jul 22 05:07:14 EDT 2004

Hi I am confused about how to set the config file for home net.
I am on a mandrake 9.1 system. That has two NIC cards. I have a Verizon DSL 
connection(Dynamic). That is behind a Belkin router.If I set it up right I am 
pulling my DNS from the router. And the router is pulling it from the DSL 
modem. So do I  type netstat -ana to find out the home net addies?
I used to have it logging to var/log/snort and it was giving me files for
my other subnet that has a windows sytem on it. And my system had a file
also. And a seperate alert and port scan log.  But now I only have a alert 
file and port scan log. So I must have botched something some where. I have 
on the list since last Oct. But have'nt said much as I am still learning.
Any help with getting my config straightened out will be appreciated.
                                            Thanks   Atius

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