[Snort-users] Can ACID & Aanval run at same time?

Miika Räisänen miika.raisanen at ...12164...
Thu Jul 22 04:37:15 EDT 2004

Michael Chilcott wrote:

> Hello, We are looking at different GUI's for our non-teckie types,
> and we currently have ACID running. My question to the Group is: Can
> ACID and Aanval (http://www.aanval.com/) run at the same time? I
> would like to do this because my management doesn't want any down
> time, between switching GUI's. If so has anyone done this; and is
> there anything I should be aware of?
> Thanks, Mike

Yes. It is possible to run both of them at same time. Check out document 
http://www.internetsecurityguru.com/documents/Snort_SSL_FC1.pdf. It also 
includes howto install openaanval. OA just goes to different dir and you 
can find it from different url after install.


https://ids.naak.com/acid and https://ids.naak.com/oa
(/var/www/html/acid and /var/www/html/oa)

No down time required for oa install. Have phun :)

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