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That would be correct. To find out more about ECN check out rfc3168 at:
ftp://ftp.isi.edu/in-notes/rfc3168.txt. Basically ECN is new TCP
functionality to handle congestion control and avoidance.

Snort calls the TCP flag ECE (ECN-Echo) Reserved bit 1 and the TCP flag CWR
(Congestion Window Reduced) Reserved bit 2. 

There are some legitimate uses for this.. But some programs use it to mess
with packet filters or to perform active OS fingerprinting. One program that
comes to mind is NMAP.



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>Has anyone ever seen a packet come in with sig id:  523?
>         BAD-TRAFFIC ip reserved bit set

Yes.. ECN (explicit congestion notification) uses the reserved bits IIRC. 

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