[Snort-users] anyone experience "throttle" issues with Swatch for Snort?

Mitchell, Jason jason.mitchell at ...12132...
Thu Jul 15 15:15:00 EDT 2004

I have the same problem with swatch 3.1.  Moreover, trying to use threshold
as an alternative dies with an "Undefined subroutine &main::threshold" error
as soon as it sees a match.

Anyone have any ideas?  Or could point me to some decent documentation on


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I'm running snort 2.13 outputting to mysql and syslog which works get.  I
have setup swatch 3.1 to send me email alerts in real time .... I'm assuming
lot of people are doing the same. (if not with swatch, with some other
application like SEC)

However, I'm having issues with the Throttle command.  It doesn't seem to
work at all.  I understand this is the snort mailing list but there is
nothing I can find on the swatch homepage under the messages forum.

Here's an example:

watchfor /.*GNUTella/
        throttle 00:30:00,use=regex
        mail blah at ...4651...,Subject=Snort Alert - GNUTella traffic

I want to get an email for GNUTella alerts every 30 minuets....instead a get
a whole flurry of them.
Is this a known bug in swatch and is everyone either:

1. ignoring it and does not mind the flurry of emails 
2. using an older version of swatch which may have been patched
3. going with another application (ie SEC - simple event correlator

Just wanted to know what the communtiy is using for real time email alerts.

Jason Truong
Plumtree Software
email: jason.truong at ...10396...
(415) 399-7006

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