[Snort-users] More than one output module

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Thu Jul 15 09:54:16 EDT 2004

I just took a 4 second look at barnyard and oracle didn't pop out at me,
does barnyard log to Oracle?


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All things considered, database inserts (especially across a network)
take a long time when compared to writing to a local file. 
Considering the fact that you are outputing to two different databases
and also to syslog, i wouldn't be suprirsed if snort is struggling to
keep up, depending on the rate of alerts.

With your configuration have you thought about letting snort do what
it's supposed to do -- sniff and analyze traffic, and configure barnyard
to handle database logging and syslog.  Just configure snort to log in
unified format (very fast), and set barnyard up with multiple output

I think you'll have much more luck in that configuration.

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Subject: [Snort-users] More than one output module
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Has anyone experianced any problems with outputting to more than one
output module?  Is there a reason for it? Does the order matter?
I have Snort logging to mysql, oracle, and syslog.  But it seems when
syslog is turned, occasionally an alert will be missed in the db?

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