[Snort-users] Why would I have a MAC address here?

Megscreativemem at ...661... Megscreativemem at ...661...
Thu Jul 15 06:51:18 EDT 2004

Perhaps this is a stupid question, but I can't find anything in the documentation that would answer it.  I have all sorts of "good" messages that seem to me to be properly formatted - I see the IP address, and everything seems to be fine.  

and then in the middle of my logs I have
Aug 18 16:08:06 10.xxx.xxx.xxx   snort: [111:15:1] (spp_stream4) TTL LIMIT Exceeded 0:4:9A:F2:63:C1 -> 0:D0:63:87:1C:1C type:0x800 len:0xC2 

and instead of an IP Address I have a MAC address!  Is this specific to the TTL LIMIT of the stream4 preprocessor, or have I accidentally configured something to make this one event report MAC instead of IP?

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