[Snort-users] Problems installing Barnyard

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Wed Jul 14 22:42:03 EDT 2004

I am running mysql 4.x.

I changed the configure script so that it will not exit if that test fails.
I was then able to complete the install and everything is working fine.


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	What version of mysql you're running?
	If you're using 4.x you'll also need to install the 3.23.x headers

Alejandro Flores

> I'm trying to install Barnyard with mysql enabled.
> ./configure --enable-mysql
> I keep getting the following message
> checking for mysql_real_connect in -lmysqlclient... no
> ******************************************************************
>   ERROR: unable to find mysqlclient library
>   checked in the following places
>               /usr/lib/mysql
> ******************************************************************
> I've double checked and the path to the mysql library is correct.  I've
> installed snort and a few other tools that use mysql and they all work
> I'm running SuSE Linux.
> Can anyone help.
> Barry

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