[Snort-users] Henwen - MacOSX - new version of Snort

Stef stefmit at ...11827...
Wed Jul 14 15:06:02 EDT 2004

Hi, Snorters,

Some questions for the community: I have Henwen for MacOSX installed,
as configuration interface for snort 2.0.6. Can I upgrade snort -
itself - to the newest version (2.1.x), "in place", and still able to
use Henwen (e.g. binaries and configuration placement will not build
with defaults, probably, online manual will probably break under
Henwen's help, etc.)? Is anybody a snort and MacOSX user on this list,
who (and willing) could share their opinion as to the worthiness of
upgrading Henwen, or just dropping it altogether?!?


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