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Wed Jul 14 06:18:38 EDT 2004

Do you have a rule for large ICMP enabled?  Try a vulnerability scanner,
that should trigger some alerts for ya.  Or if you have the content:
/etc/passwd  rule enabled just go to the IP of the snort box in a
browser with /etc/passwd in the URL and you should get an alert.  

When you say "how do I check this from other clients ?" are you talking
about checking the traffic to and from the clients on your network?  If
you are on a switched (a managed on) you need to set a span or monitor
port depending on the brand of switch.  If you are on a dumb switch then
you either need to use a tap or a small hub inline, taps work better in
my opinion but hubs are cheaper.

Hope that helps

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hi , 
I have installed snort perfectly in Red Hat Linux 9 box.ACID url runs on
the browser.
i used ping command with huge paccket sizes to that snort server. But
there was no any alerts in the ACID. 
So tell me , how do i check this from other clients ?
plz help
thanx in advance

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