[Snort-users] Snort in a cluster

Jason security at ...5028...
Fri Jul 9 13:31:10 EDT 2004

Joshua Berry wrote:

> One effective way to monitor multiple segments and aggregate
> asymmetrical links while balancing the load across multiple sensors is
> with an appliance like TopLayer's IDS Balancer.  Then you don't need the
> BPF filters at all, however, this solution is very pricey.
> By the way, what are some of the competitors to TopLayer's IDSB, or are
> there any?  I have been having trouble finding a comparison to base
> pricing on.

I am told that Cisco equipment happily does it in the proper 
configurations, apparently using etherchannel load balancing you can 
balance out multiple pipes.

I think it is also acceptable to balance up to 5 tapped 100Mbs links 
into a single Gbs out. Overloading is not an issue in that case, using 
more and it is the risk / reward game. 50 taps is simply too much to 
take risk with IMHO.

some of the netoptics equipment might be appropriate.

Radware has a IDS load balancer. It might not be cheap as it appears to 
also have limited inline prevention built in. 

You could also use a VACL to capture selective traffic.

I believe most switch vendors supply some form of balancing support if 
they are L3 aware at all.

What is considered very pricey?


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