[Snort-users] Snort Build issue

Dirk Geschke dirk at ...10648...
Thu Jul 8 13:26:04 EDT 2004

Hi Sergio,

> Hello, I'm building Snort 2.1.3 on a RH9 box.  Just finished installing
> gcc, bison, flex, libpcap 0.8.3, and pcre 4.5.  However, after I
> ./configure snort, and I make it, I get an undefined reference to
> 'pcap_lex' in 'pcap_parse'. (See entire error)


> /usr/local/lib/libpcap.a(grammar.o)(.text+0xf61): In function
> `pcap_parse':
> : undefined reference to `pcap_lex'

this sounds for me as if your libpcap build is incomplete.

Normally pcap_lex should be defined in libpcap.a:

$ nm libpcap.a |grep pcap_lex
00000000 T pcap_lex
         U pcap_lex

This shows that pcap_lex is defined in the text segment of
the library. So maybe the build was not complete?

Best regards


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