[Snort-users] snort/Barnyard startup script

Mike Cohen mike.cohen at ...11827...
Tue Jul 6 19:35:06 EDT 2004


Im fairly new to LInux, and have been tasked with building a snort
sensor for our network.

I have Suse 9 , snort 2.12 with  Barnyard 0.2.0 and mysql up and running. 

None of the services (apache/mysql/barnyard/snort) are running when I
start the server.

I see that I can add apache and mysql to the various runlevels using
Yast, but Im not quite sure how exactly to script the startup of snort
and barnyard.

Ive seen references to snortd, but I cant seem to find any definitive
references to make snort a Daemon, other than the command line switch
which would mean Id have to have it in a script somewhere.

I have no experience with startup scripting of any kind other than
dumping one liners in rc.local.

I see that startup scripts would go in the appropriate runlevel
folder, but is a startup script
as simple as just typing in the  snort start command with the proper
switches, saving it a s afile and dumping it in the right rc.3, and
rc.5 directories? From what I can gather there is more to it, and it
looks like it involves some C coding (which I dont know).

Can somone point me to the right direction? all the books mention
using some runlevel editor tool, but that doesnt seem to apply to
snort, since its not a distro installed service.

any help or insight appreciated.

Mike C.

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