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Steffen Pfendtner steffen at ...11809...
Sun Jul 4 01:14:15 EDT 2004

> I compiled snort-2.1.1 with the wireless patch and it works fine. But now 
> when i want to start snort with the -w option i receive a lot of errors!
> The first and most bad is the following:
> ERROR: /etc/rules/wifi.rules(9) => Bad protocol: wifi
> But the patch was applied!!!

Seems like it was not.
Have you used configure --enable-wireless ?

Start Snort and look for a message like this:

         --== Initializing Snort ==--
Initializing Output Plugins!
Decoding IEEE 802.11 with PRISM headers on interface eth2

You have to start snort on an interface wich is either one with PRISM or 
with 802.11b headers.

Steffen Pfendtner

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