[Snort-users] How to generate snort log file with the name format file_yyyymmdd Daily?

Snortty cwcwcwg at ...131...
Wed Jan 21 11:27:04 EST 2004

Hi, All, especally snortalog.pl users please;

I'd like to gerate daily snort reports using
Snortalog.pl script (which is very cool by the way)
for the last 24 hours events everyday. 

Looks like I need to have my snort generate an alert
log file in the format of file_yyyymmdd (Year, Month
and day) every day for the last 24 hours, how to do
this please?

Currently, I have my snort running, and by default
generate a file called: alert, which includes all the
attacking events in this alert file continuously as
long as the snort is running. I checked snort.conf
file, but can not find how to change the way the alert
file named. 

Any help will be very appreciated please. 

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