[Snort-users] ACID: Can not send emails...

Sarmiento, Miguel Msarmiento at ...11005...
Tue Jan 20 15:15:04 EST 2004


I m using ACID v0.9.6b23. When I try to e-mail alerts I get the following

Added 2 alert(s) to the Alert cache

EXPORT ERROR: Could not send exported alerts to . Check the mail
configuration in PHP.

Successful - 2 alert(s)

This error is related to the configuration for php.ini which in this case is

sendmail_path = '/usr/lib/sendmail -t -i'

If I look at the http log I get:

sh: /usr/lib/sendmail -t -i: No such file or directory

I can send email from the box so right now I am a bit puzzle, sendmail does
exist and the path is correct, although is a SymLink to 
/etc/alternatives/mta which in turn points to /usr/sbin/sendmail.sendmail
which is the actual executable, silly RH 8.0.

Any ideas?

Miguel Sarmiento, Ph. D.
Manager Technical Support and Operations
Fipsco, Another Fiserv Resource
Phone 847-956-5700 x8977

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