[Snort-users] Is ACID Dead?

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We are using also ACID in combination with a plug-in from snortcenter and is working great.
Haven't heard either from Mr. Roman after I sent him few emails.

Thank you

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Hi Everyone,
	I've used snort and ACID off and on at several positions over the last three years, and have just noticed that ACID doesn't seem
to have been updated since early last year. This is especially troubling in view of the fact that it's the nicest GUI front-end
for snort that I've seen, and that since the portscan plug-in was updated in snort 2.1.0, the portscan display features of ACID
no longer work as well. I know that if you set the output-mode to pktknudge, it at least displays the portscans, but that's not a
very nice workaround. I dropped Roman a note in email on 1/9/04, and haven't heard back from him. Does anyone know what the
development status of ACID is? If, in fact, it's dead, can anyone recommend something with similar functionality to replace it?
		Thanks lots in advance
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