[Snort-users] Which Linux distro for a Win32 Snort admin?

Daniel Wittenberg daniel-wittenberg at ...9959...
Thu Jan 8 09:07:07 EST 2004

Red Hat will stop producing patches/support for Red Hat 9 on April 30, 2004.  So
you won't be able to get the patches/updates from Red Hat.  You can probably
still get some updates from the other places listed, but won't probably be as
cleanly applied as they would be if they were from Red Hat.  Since you are on
Red Hat you could look at either Fedora or RHEL, since you only have 3 months of
 support left for the RH 9.


Quoting Leonard Miller <Leonard.Miller at ...7710...>:

> To my knowledge, they will support that for another year before
> completely
> stopping support.  But then you should still be able to get any updates
> from
> apt-get, sourceforge or rpmfind.  Since you already have RH9, you might
> as
> well stick with it. We have several RH8 machines and do not plan on
> moving
> away from them just because RH stopped supporting.  We'll keep them
> until
> they die.
> Leonard
> >>> Robert Reid <rreid at ...7835...> 01/08/04 11:20AM >>>
> Morning all,
> I have recently been tasked with setting up a 2 sensor Snort IDS which
> will
> run Linux on IBM hardware. I have a lot of experience with Win32 Snort
> and Demarc) but none with Linux.
> What would be the best distro to use for this project? I have redhat
> 9.0 on
> hand but I was told its no longer supported, obviously I would like to
> secure this box properly, without RedHat support is it still
> possible to download patches?
> Thanks for any advice given,
> Robert
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