[Snort-users] New Snortcenter 2.x

Jason Alexander lists at ...9901...
Fri Feb 27 09:14:06 EST 2004

Hello everyone,

I would like to announce that I have picked up the work that Stefan Dens 
  has done on the origial snortcenter project and made it work with 
Snort 2.1.1-r1 and hopefully above.  After attempting to contact Stefan 
for a few months this seemed the next logical step The work is still 
somewhat in process but you can now download rules from the snort site 
and import them without errors.  You can push rules down and control the 

I would start by saying that I am not a PHP guru.  I am more of hacker 
so some of the changes might not be the best but things are working.
Also I have limited time as I am a security officer at a large 
University so my goal is functionality and not major function changes.
I am also open to allowing access to anyone that want to work on this.

The major thing that needs to be finished is to add support of the
new preprocessors.  Currently if you want to use the new preprocessors
you have to edit the config file by hand.  This is first to do on my list

You can find the CVS archive and tarballs of my CVS directory at 
sourceforge under the SnortCenter 2.x project.


Please report any probems you find to me through the sourceforge bugs 
and forums system as I don't check this e-mail that offen.

Jason Alexander

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