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Tom Riley axtjr at ...11294...
Fri Feb 27 06:24:08 EST 2004

I have a need for some experienced feedback/wisdom on Snort deployment.
I have a large network (50 subnets) that we want to monitor for
Intrusion Detection.
Initally my plan was to include 3-4 Snort boxes in various strategic
locations, such as the Backbone, behind the firewall of our core
servers, and a couple admin specific networks, recording alerts/events
to a local MySQL server Database, and having a batch script copying
those various MySQL databases into a single Oracle repository for
After discussion of my plan with management, it was suggested that we
monitor all 50 subnets for Intrusion attempts. The only cost effective
way I could think to do this was to have multiple servers with 2-4
multiport NICs and setup Snort to monitor each individual subnet. I
would have one server as a MySQL database server, have each
multiport/MultiNIC machine report back to a local MySQL database, and as
before, have all of these MySQL Databases write back to a single Oracle
Snort Stack
|  MySQL Server  |
|  Snort #1           |
|  Snort #2           |
|  Snort #3           |
|  Snort #4           |
Snort #1-4 being boxes that contain 2-4 Multiport NICs, and saving all
their alerts up to the MySQL server.
This configuration will be located in 3 locations on campus, and have
each of the three MySQL databases batch copy the records over to an
oracle database for analysis.
What advice could any of you offer for my situation? What books have you
found to good and useful? Has anyone attempted to use multiport NICs to
monitor multiple Networks? 
Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated! :D And, if I
get this configuration to work, I'd be happy to document it and share
the results.
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