[Snort-users] [ANNOUNCE] Demo Version of SENTINIX NOW Available!

Bob Radvanovsky rsradvan at ...11317...
Thu Feb 26 07:25:05 EST 2004

** NOTE: This demonstration site HAS NOT been endorsed nor sponsored by the
Sentinix Project.

I like the SENTINIX product *so much* that I am making a demonstration
server dedicated for this product entirely, and will be made available
openly and publicly for everyone.

I have setup the standard, default configurations for the server and their
environments.  The accounts are as follows:

snortcenter / cacti:
    account: "admin", password: "temp1234"

nagios / nagat:
    account "nagiosadmin", password: "temp1234"

The URL for the demonstration site is: http://sentinix-demo.unixworks.net

Since this is a private server that has been made available for everyone's
learning pleasure and enjoyment, I ask that those who are about to utilize
this server apply some common sense and netiquette when using the demo.  I
do not care if the log files are deleted, nor would I be concerned if
services have been disabled.  The demo has all services provided as part of
the Sentinix Version 0.70.5 enabled, with the exception of SSH, FTP and NTP,
which have been firewalled.  As a precautionary measure, those services
listed above have been disabled from public use.

The demo is available any time (24x7) and is closely monitored to ensure
that the server remains available for everyone's enjoyment.  I do this as a
public service to those involved with the project, for those who wish to
"try before they buy", and those who may simply be curious about the

Please feel free to email me at "sentinix-demo at ...11317..." if you have
any questions.  Enjoy!

Thank you.


Bob Radvanovsky [ UNIXWORKS ]
sentinix-demo at ...11317...
"knowledge squared is information shared."

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