[Snort-users] I have a problem with snort.conf

Neil Fryer nfryer at ...11028...
Tue Feb 24 14:59:08 EST 2004

I had the same problem a while back and for some odd reason in snort.conf,
where you point it to your mysql db, change the "localhost" part to
I can't explain it, and my hosts file is all cool and everything, but it may
be worth a try.
Kind Regards,
Neil Fryer

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I have this error and I've tried to solve it  but I've not been able to make
if somebody can help me.  
thank you ahead of time
My e-mail is   ironmaidenx at ...125... <mailto:ironmaidenx at ...125...> 
Initializing rule chains...
Initializing Network Interface eth0
Found logdir config directive (/var/log/snort)
database: 'mysql' support is not compiled into this build of snort
ERROR: If this build of snort was obtained as a binary distribution (e.g.,
or Windows), then check for alternate builds that contains the necessary
'mysql' support.
If this build of snort was compiled by you, then re-run the
the ./configure script using the '--with-mysql' switch.
For non-standard installations of a database, the '--with-mysql=DIR'
syntax may need to be used to specify the base directory of the DB install.
See the database documentation for cursory details (doc/README.database).
and the URL to the most recent database plugin documentation.
Fatal Error, Quitting..

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