[Snort-users] Bad Loop Back Traffic

bclark at ...10956... bclark at ...10956...
Tue Feb 24 09:11:16 EST 2004

I have also seen this type of traffic about 200,000 alerts last night.  I
am not sure but I think it is a clients Windows machine.

> Hello,
>     I have an abundance of alerts telling me
> url[snort] BAD-TRAFFIC loopback traffic on
> According to snort this is due to improperly configured interfaces.  =
> Which part is improperly configured and how can I fix this? Or have I =
> been hacked?
> -Scott Elgram
> IT/Systems Support
> VerifPoint/CreDENTALs
> (949)770-5290 ext. 26

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