[Snort-users] Snort on Linux with no IP

Yonah Russ yonah at ...11275...
Tue Feb 24 06:59:22 EST 2004

eth1 is the name for the second network card in a BSD or Linux machine. 
Each network card is called eth for ethernet  and is number from 0 and 
up to however many network cards you have (minus 1).

It seems your machine either has only one network card or it may not 
have the proper driver modules loaded.

If you only have one network card, you could try using eth0 instead but 
you obviously won't be able to use regular network from that computer.

Hope this helps.

Yonah Russ - Mirimar Networks

Brian McNeilly wrote:

> Hi,
> I apologise in advance for the newbie question, which undoubtedly has 
> been discussed to death already. Before you send me to the FAQ, here 
> is the relevant snippit from there:
> 3.1 How do I setup snort on a 'stealth' interface?
>   *BSD and Linux:
>     ifconfig eth1 up
> OK, so I do this and the response I get is: eth1: unknown interface: 
> No such device
> Can anyone elaborate on the rather limited response found in the FAQ 
> for this issue? Is seems to me that many people have asked about this 
> before, but there never has been an appropriate explanation put into 
> the FAQ (I've just spent the entire afternoon reading mail archives to 
> no avail). Sorry if I'm just stupid, but the FAQ isn't really helpful 
> on this issue.
> Cheers,
> Brian McNeilly
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