[Snort-users] Problem compiling Snort 2.1.1 and 2.1.0 on old RedHat 6.2 based system

Jan Hugo Prins jhp at ...11270...
Tue Feb 24 03:10:01 EST 2004


Last weekend I was trying to compile a new snort version on my firewall
and for this system has no daemons running anymore except the few that are
compiled by myself, it is still based on a old RedHat 6.2 system.

During the compilation of these snort versions the compile fails on the
following code fregments that are in several places in the code:

#ifndef WIN32
        flow_printf("ut check failed in %s\n", __func__);
        flow_printf("ut check failed in %s(%d)\n", __FILE__, __LINE__);

It fails with a message that the __func__ is not defined. I think this is
rather strange because the system is not a win32 system. I have removed
all the #ifndef parts and activated only the part between the #else and
#endif and then it compile like a charm.

Is there anyone here that can tell me why the compile fails and what could
be wrong on my system that this happens?

Jan Hugo Prins

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