[Snort-users] DB SNORT

Shawn Kottke skottke at ...11264...
Mon Feb 23 14:37:21 EST 2004

Check your acid config file "acid_conf.php" which should be in your
apache directory "htdocs/acid" (ie. /apache/install/dir/htdocs/acid).
Check your settings for "alert_dbname", "alert_host", "alert_port",
"alert_user", "alert_password". The dbname, host, user, and password
setting should have something at a minimum. Is your correct dbname
setup, correct user and password setup? "alert_host" can be equal to
"localhost" since you are using the same machine to host the database.

Go to your mysql directory (typically /usr/local/mysql/data) and see if
you have a "snort" directory or whatever you called the database. Inside
that directory are all of the files for you snort database. Do an "ll" a
few times and see if any of them are growing in size, in particular the
"data.MYD" file.

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