[Snort-users] Snort on Linux with no IP

Mark Fagan r00t at ...10564...
Mon Feb 23 08:00:07 EST 2004


Looks like you dont have an eth1 Interface installed.

Please send the output of: ifconfig -a


Quoting "Grejda, Eric" <EGrejda at ...10102...>:

> How many network interfaces do you have in your Snort sensor?  On Linux
> machines, interface numbering starts at zero.  If you only have one NIC
> installed, you'd have to reference eth0:
> ifconfig eth0 up
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> Eric Grejda
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> Subject: [Snort-users] Snort on Linux with no IP
> I apologise in advance for the newbie question, which undoubtedly has been
> discussed to death already. Before you send me to the FAQ, here is the
> relevant snippit from there:
> 3.1 How do I setup snort on a 'stealth' interface?
>   *BSD and Linux:
>     ifconfig eth1 up
> OK, so I do this and the response I get is: eth1: unknown interface: No such
> device
> Can anyone elaborate on the rather limited response found in the FAQ for
> this issue? Is seems to me that many people have asked about this before,
> but there never has been an appropriate explanation put into the FAQ (I've
> just spent the entire afternoon reading mail archives to no avail). Sorry if
> I'm just stupid, but the FAQ isn't really helpful on this issue.

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