[Snort-users] Compiling mysql support into snort and barnyard

Rahul shadhanker at ...158...
Sun Feb 22 22:55:03 EST 2004

Hello Mark,

Plz try check again whether the mysql related files are exists under
/usr/lib while getting error.
and also it would be helpful if  you give the error message you got.


I'm having difficulties compiling mysql support into snort and barnyard. The
various include and library files are located at:













snort's configure reports that it finds both the include file and the
libraries, but then fails to include them in the build (i.e., when snort
runs with a database output specification it fails). Barnyard can't find the
library files, although it can find the include file.

I've experimented with various -with-mysql=DIR directives, but without
success. I'd appreciate any suggestions folks may have.

- Mark

mark at ...11252...

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