[Snort-users] snort-2.2.1-RC1 compile error

Ken Bergquist kbergquist at ...11196...
Thu Feb 12 13:56:02 EST 2004

Will do. Thanks for the heads-up. This is being compiled on an Apple 
B&W G3 - OS X 10.1.5 (Darwin), by hand.

./configure --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql

No fink, I think. I'd rather use my thinker, lest it rot and stink. 
Though I may have it installed  on this box. Why do you ask? Could it 
have an impact on this? Some library substitution perhaps?

>> I hope someone can shed some light on this. While making on OS X 10.1
>> (Darwin) the following error occurs first in the output:
> Could you check out HEAD (or get snort-current from snort.org) and try
> that? The libintsnort stuff was removed, as it was causing problems
> for a couple people. I've only seen this problem, in the case of
> Solaris, where people were compiling/linking snort using third party
> tools, and not the system tools. Out of curiosity, is this the same
> situation for you... are you using anything out of fink?
> In either case, check out HEAD and the problem should be fixed. Let me
> know if it isn't.

Ken Bergquist
Director Internet Systems
Walt Klein & Associates

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