[Snort-users] Updating Rules?

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Thu Feb 12 13:06:07 EST 2004

While we're on the subject of updating rules:  I have customized my own rule
files by disabling certain alerts within the files (but not turning off the
entire rule set)...is there a graceful way to update rules without having to
turn these off again?

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I'm curious about the process of updating Snort 2.1.0 (NOT 2.1.1 RC1)
rules.  Snort.org list the following for rule packages:

CURRENT - development is done here. Be careful if you use CURRENT
2_1 - the "stable" branch, where we do bug fixes for the currently
"shipping" snort. probably ok for production, might not be release
quality yet
2_0 - the "deprecated" branch, most definately release quality, but not
really worked on, except for rule updates

Which should I use for 2.1.0?   Is 2.1.1 RC1 the "currently "shipping"
snort"?  Should I update? 

Thank goodness I don't use oinkmaster to autoupdate...



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