[Snort-users] Documentation!!

Mike Koponick mike at ...7385...
Thu Feb 12 09:44:11 EST 2004


OK. I will volunteer. I do have some time and can put a couple-few hours
a day into it.

Please contact me directly. I would like to talk to you about a format,

I have written many documents about products, etc and would like to
return the favor of all the help I have asked about in the past. Like
you said, this is open source and we all have to grab an oar and paddle.


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At 03:53 PM 2/11/2004, SN ORT wrote:
>Seriously though, all
>readme's are written in the same cryptic format and
>one could use the SAME AMOUNT OF WORDS to create a
>more explanatory document.

That's because they're written by the programmers... seriously.. 
programmers think like computers, and most programmers write LOUSY 
documentation as a result. (I'm a programmer, I know I'm lousy at
pretty documents explaining how to use my work)

Hence the need for normal humans to write docs. 

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