[Snort-users] Integrate Snort with Remedy, Anyone Please???

Owen McCusker mccusker at ...10962...
Thu Feb 12 09:37:04 EST 2004

I would put some type "air-gap" somewhere in the
overall security operations of your ticket system.

During DOS exploits you may be generating lots of ticks,
auto-ticket generator.

Maybe use ACID alert capabilities, and wrap the creation
of an alert group with the creation of a ticket
in your Trouble Ticket System.


>My snort IDS on Solaris 8 has been running more
>stable, and in better control now.
>I'm thinking of integrating Snort alerts with Trouble
>Ticket Systmes - specifically Remedy, in order to be
>monitored together with other type of tickets, and be
>tracked the progress of resolving issues detected by
>Has anyone done the similar things, or know better to
>offer any suggestions/comments/places to look further
>I will share my results if I can make progress on this
>Thank you in advace!
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